Car Electronics IE What not to do

By | January 11, 2010

Ok people, if you like to mess around on your vehicle and its electronic systems, you’ve probably spliced a wire and cut into stuff just to make shit work.

What I hate is when people do things so wrong they risk causing a fire and what not to make things work. Such as “Oh man, I need a constant power source. I better badly splice a wire with some duct tape and a knife into the cigarette lighter for this power hog of a device I need.”

One example is over on a Jeep Forum, one guy can’t get his headlights to work for reasons unknown, but he REALLY wants to go out at night to play in the snow, so he asked if he can just directly wire up the lights to his battery with a switch under the hood in between.

Not only is that a BAD idea, it’s dangerous. You need fuses to keep from a fire occurring, and this system would also keep him from using his high beams as well.

On top of this, after everyone gives him safe alternatives, people said to try replacing the lighting switch in the dash, since it’s a common problem. So they guy is all “CAN I JUST USE A NORMAL 20 AM SWITCH? WILL IT WORK?” No it wont fuckin’ work. Light switches handle about 8 different systems to light up. Tail lights, dash lights, head lights, high beams, what have you. So clearly a normal switch would NOT work.

People, take your god damn time and fix shit how it needs to be fixed. Don’t fuck around, do it as the factory would and don’t be stupid.

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