By | January 12, 2010

What is it about winter that causes people to be more thankful?
What is it about spring that makes people forget?

I find it very strange that starting around November, people become distant, yet friendlier; thankful, yet ungracious. In December people wish each other well, and some take a rare look inwards. And for a few weeks in January, they decide what they want in the new year.

Then, nothing.
We stop being thankful.
We stop wishing well on others.
We forget to strive for more.

Can we not be thankful year long? After all, we are alive all year, why do we not act like it? Is it so hard to recognize the contributions of others? We recognize that we would be unable to live our lives without the support of those who would give their time and effort to move food and goods for your pleasure and comfort… and yet, when we face such a person, we place ourselves on a pedestal. We are elevated. We are not them; we are not lower class, why should we care?

What is it about saying “Thank You” that makes it so tough to do? Why are such important words cast off and ignored?

I ask you now: Are you thankful? Have you given thanks to those who make your life possible?

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