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By | May 19, 2013

Recently it has been brought to my attention that Googling for vaccination in Australia brings up links to a disreputable site full of anti-vaxxer morons. To try and boost the search results of reputable vaccination sites, this post will be pretty much full links. Not vaccinating your children is what idiots do, and if you happen to be one of them, you should read all about vaccination risks and other common misconceptions about vaccination provided in the last couple of link-words. Further more, websites like the Australian Vaccination Network (who I refuse to link to, and instead will be linking to Stop AVN) are totally, entirely full of shit. Here are the links contained in this post, in bullet-point format.



I’ll probably write another one of these one day when I’m not tired and trying to fill space quickly, but until then, this is all.

One thought on “Vaccination and

  1. Garrick

    anti-vaccination cunts are the worst of all cunts.

    but having said that. i think most ppl just can’t be fucked getting around to it. and then they want to seem intelligent & indie so retort with “it’s healthier to let your body fight it. otherwise your body gets weak”

    … that physically doesn’t work. that’s the whole point of vaccination. if you could contract the virus and become immune to it before it replicates to infection levels then you are fucking unique. but 99.99999% percent of humanity aren’t like that.

    but like i said. i just think it’s laziness. and it’s for most < 40 people it's not a big deal (i'm thinking flu vaccination).

    but vaccinations like Polio, TB, Hepatitis, Meningococcal NEED TO BE ENFORCED by the government.

    i'm over of unscientific idiots.


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