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Fix Your Fucking English.

By | April 5, 2015

Having been on the internet, and having used the world wide web since around 1995, I’ve seen trends in spelling errors which seem to crop up over the years. The more they’re used misspelt or misplaced, the more their misuse grows. This post isn’t about being grammatically correct, as it seems to be less of… Read More »

A Thousand Pills.

By | November 20, 2010

A thousand pills and counting. seeking sanctuary of an altered reality time moves slowly, chemical reactions create a new life reality is out of grasp silent creeping sobriety sets in despise everything you’ve let yourself become A chemical distraction, fade into darkness spare yourself from light. the light that burns like a raging fire. reality… Read More »

A world without technology

By | November 4, 2009

Recently i spent a weekend without the internet (and therefore the laptop), or a phone. What a weekend it was, by far the most interesting, humurous, entertaining weekend i’ve had in a long time. While some didn’t know what to do, and sat around playing solitaire trying to beat their top scores for hours on… Read More »