Auditory Hallucinations: The Rundown (Part 1)

By | December 12, 2009

Quite often when I find myself taking an excessive amount of drugs, of any kinda, usually opiate based as I come down, I seem to experience some quite random auditory hallucinations. Nothing malicious, just random crap. Oddly enough, I usually hear these hallucinations in a female voice rather than a male, or my own voice. Sometimes the voice is high pitched like a young girl, and sometimes its deeper and more sincere like a middle aged woman. Its quite strange. But I still hear the very odd male voice every now and then.

So in this blog post i will list 20 of the sentences I have heard while hallucinating. Some are funny, some are bizarre and some are just plain fucking stupid. But its always fun to listen to them and write down what they are, so here it goes:

2. “Terry can I buy you a drink?”
3. “Louise, Whats the number in a prime set?”
4. “I heard vegemite paste hit the window”
5. “Were the politics centre in the middle of the universe?”
6. “Smells like chicken *giggle*”
7. “Well then get rid of the eye, I hate it”
8. “Haircuts use Wonka cheese”
9. “I’m just terrified of old grey ladies”
10. “Wall decks, did you apply the wall decks? You’re quite silly”
11. “I couldn’t take your mum flowers, I just couldn’t. They’re made by Gypsies”
12. “What do you think? Sugar cube or sweetner?”
13. “*blabber*..and a few things come down to his surgical operation”
14. “You’re up early. Its 9pm and you’re up early. I’m drinking this wine”
15. “Just do it, go, take the high jump”
16. “Caffeine and coffee are the same thing bro, fentanyl is different by far”
17. “The shirt needs more colour in it, the shirt, needs more colour in it, it needs to be stabilised by a molecule”
18. “Princess Margaret might be driving a Rav 4 if she was still alive”
19. “The bed spreads on, I hope the pole doesnt collapse and crush the crinkle”
20. “If I set a date with a camera man….huh…uh….Spaghetti bolognaise”

And thats todays 20, stay tuned for another time in the next couple of days/weeks when I’m hallucinating again and decide to blog post about it.
Off into the wild blue yonder of drug fueled mental madness I go.

2 thoughts on “Auditory Hallucinations: The Rundown (Part 1)

  1. Dan

    Interesting. I’ve done research on opiates and auditory hallucinations, because I, like yourself, experience similar things when coming down (pretty much exclusively from opiates, particularly with stronger or repeated doses). I’ve been unable to find much on the subject however. It’s interesting, most of the time these occur when I have my eyes closed and am either just trying to space out and relax, or trying to sleep, and they are never malicious or disturbing but are, as you said, very random. They can be, and often are, very vivid as well, and frequently make it such that I am unable to sleep because I can’t ignore all these weird random conversations that I am hearing. I must admit, sometimes I find it interesting to think about what exactly it is I am hearing and from what subconscious zone/experience these things come from, but, it can be a bit frustrating when it prevents me from getting a good night’s rest. Best-


  2. Lauren

    This was hilariously wonderful and I can definitely relate! Except I don’t believe I have taken quite enough to hear full sentences.
    Like dan, I have been researching opiate auditory hallucinations and there’s nothing but other people’s experiences to go off of. I wish they would conduct more studies on things like this, because I, too would love to know if they really are random. Part of my subconscious, or something else entirely.


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