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10 Days on Diclofensine, A Brief Rundown

By | January 9, 2011

Quite a while back I purchashed a 1 gram sample of Diclofensine (not to be confused with Diclofenac, which is an entirely different drug all together) – an SNDRI (triple reuptake inhibitor) stimulant/antidepressant. I wrote a 10 day report on my use of the drug, and entirely forgot about it, until I stumbled across it.… Read More »

Van Diemen’s Land – The Arsehole of Film

By | January 27, 2010

Tonight I was watching a movie at a friends place – Van Diemens Land – a movie made in Australia, about a bunch of convicts who escape the police and end up in the bush. They apparently turn to cannibalism. I have no fucking idea because I didn’t finish watching the movie. However this movie… Read More »

Fun With Promethazine

By | January 24, 2010

Yesterday, sporting a niggling hangover that just wouldn’t go away, I started looking for something to take which would dull the hangover or replace the feeling of it with a different feeling all together. I had been reading about how promethazine was not only an antihistamine, but also a central nervous system depressant, which can… Read More »

Belated Happy Holidays!

By | December 28, 2009

WELL, looks like I forgot to make a Christmas/Holidays post, so heres one now: Happy Holidays and the likes! Hope everyone had a good Xmas. Happy New Year aswell, if I happen to forget that too. Have a good one, stay safe – EOF

Epic Win In Audiogasmic Format

By | December 22, 2009

A Place To Bury Strangers – Keep Slipping Away Awesome song. That is all. (note: changed video from MySpace vids to YouTube so people who bitched can stop their bitching)

An Atomic Existence

By | November 26, 2009

Have you ever wondered the things your eyes have seen, when they weren’t your eyes? The atoms that build them flowing through the universe since the beginning of time, or if time is non-linear – infinitely. The star they were born in is long dead by now, and they’ve been everywhere throughout the universe, your… Read More »

Death and the universe.

By | October 24, 2009

Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking about death, and dying, and how the universe actually functions. Of course no one knows this, and some people turn to religion to satisfy their fear of dying, that there is an afterlife in heaven, and there they can live on after death and even be… Read More »