Tired of technology writing, the president turns to…


That’s right, my first post here shall be music. And who shall I be reviewing, you may ask. The Mad Conductor. The Mad Conductor is, in essence, hip-hop for rude boys. The only non ska or hardcore punk band signed to former label Community Records, they have since been dropped, but are apparently still active. Their music covers topics from theft to murder to drugs to being in the hospital (but thankfully nothing about hos).

ANYWAY. Time for the good shit.

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Feed The Beast 320

Edit: I stand corrected. They have never been on a label, and are completely self-promoted. Even cooler!

Holy Super Tiny Harddrives, CPU!

It amazes me constantly the advancements in storage technology. It wasn’t too long ago 2 Terabyte hard drives came out. Now a group of engineers created a chip the size of a finger nail that is 1 Terabyte. Look who just OWN’D.

And the thing that always amuses me, why do the iPhones, cell phones, or whatever have only like 32 MB of memory? Hell, give me a few gigs built in at least. It can’t be that hard.

Just wait, one of these days when you’re 80 years old, your pacemaker will have storage space, so you can watch your 3D movies on the go.

The future is gonna be baws.


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